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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

276. Re entry into Blog land.....

.I can hardly believe that it is  3 years since my last post,how time flies and things change .

I am flying to Paris in the morning , so no change there, but before I leave I just wanted to thank all the kind readers of my previous posts  1- 275 and hope to meet new readers too in the future.

I would also like to introduce Semka Cashmere ,which you will see at the top of the blog just click.
 I've known Semka for several years and she designs and makes wonderful Mongolian cashmere garments . She has made several for me and she has kindly included them in her collection .
 Of course they can be any colour which you choose and the code Fay will also give you a 10% discount on Any item in the whole collection.
 A deposit of £20 will secure any item  which takes 3 - 5 weeks.
I have always had a fascination with Mongolia since my geography days at school and couldn't resist including some of these beautiful girls in their wonderful head dresses and jewelry.

This is Semka and you can read her story on her web site by clicking top right on the blog .

I've been busy trying to pack a suitcase for the morning In between seeing 'the Flying Dutchman ' this evening and yesterday seeing l Ormindo at the Sam Wanamaker playhouse at Shakespeare's Globe ,if you can beg ,borrow or steal a ticket !
Every visit to London should include a visit to the Globe complex it's magical .

Whilst I was zipping from room to room I was smiling to myself as I seem to have collected several pieces of pink neon ! Not something that I would automatically think of as being my thing 
But it makes me smile  ,so that can't be too bad .

And what about this 17th century Italien shoe !!! It certainly makes quite a statement.
 So I will see you when I return from Paris in one week and hope that you enjoy the cashmere in the meantime
 Sweet dreams
 Fay xx

Thankyou Champagne and Macaroons

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

275 ....The last time I saw Paris.....

.....was   November 2011 and my next visit will  be in May 2012   soooooo long .

As always it was " a melange "of  wonderful things to see and enjoy.

A visit to Aurelian Delouze  is essential 

and it was also the Bastille Antiques fair ,full of enchanting objects.

  all the usual culprits !!!

 My new 18th century lampbase with an 18th century document as shade
more 18th century treasures   chez Aurelien.....

enjoying every moment of history and every stitch
painted onto paper - exceptionally rare

my favourite blue

fascinating workmanship
a rather more modern French design!!!
the pockets are lined with white kid and the roses are embroidered perfectly-   HEAVEN pour moi !

 a little dolci !
and always time for coffee.

  and wonderful shapes to enjoy.

 this sweet 1930 table was a birthday gift
and this rock crystal  chandelier was made by Alexandre Vossion

one of my passions........

the Marquise dEpigny (1792)and his wife  came to live safely  with me and added to my collection of miniatures

its always possible to find lalique.

who cares if it rains ?

19th century kitchenalia  to display some of my rings
friends at home
back at home and settled in .

Paris in November is beautiful


something for a gruffalo???

a new Rick Owens jacket !!   beyond my control !

Art is everywhere
Preparing to fly

Vivienne and Merlin

for Merlin xxx
and so, my blog friends and readers-  the time has come to talk of many things

I am leaving the blogosphere

and I'm going to write a book

THANK YOU for all your kind words
and 4 lovely Blog Awards
its been a year full of fun

You have my email 
  I would love to hear from you