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Saturday, March 21, 2015

281 Alexander McQueen more iconic moments this week....

Alexander McQueen Iconic Moments - YouTube
17 Mar 2013 - Uploaded by lanactrlaltdelrey
Some of Alexander McQueen's most iconic moments in fashion.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

280. Alexander McQueen. New exhibition at The Victoria and Albert Museum......beyond dreams

I arrived at 10 am at the side door of the museum this morning and the moment the doors opened I zipped along the halls and corridors to the newly opened exhibition.I had butterflies in my tummy never mind around my hat ,it was soooooo exciting .
 I have been a follower of McQueen as long as I can remember and have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this grand spectacle for that is exactly what it is .
 I have previously enjoyed the sublime Armani retrospective,the flamboyant Red Valentino show was breathtaking,the Christian Lacroix was embellishment heaven
 But I knew that McQueen would be far beyond all of them.
And I wasn't was the first of several visits that I intend to make to this South Kensington oasis of culture.
Each room was themed and each surpassed the former,I wanted to see everything so quickly but also wanted to concentrate on every detail.It was like 'pass the parcel ',the game we played as children ,the excitement building minute by minute,and the music was causing goose pimples down my spine.
The antiqued mirrors ,the floor ,walls and glass cases created an amazing atmosphere to swoon over these breath taking pieces of perfection.I was in 7th heaven.
You will have seen so many of the pieces  but this exhibition has 30 more dresses than the one in New York.
 The shoes alone are mind blowing,the head dresses and accessories are unique and I quickly ran out of superlatives.i can't imagine that here will anything like this again for quite some time.
I urge you to obtain a ticket ,ideally a membership which allows you to walk in immediately and visit several times.
 I have a collection of books of his work and managed to obtain a couple more today!
 I hope that you enjoy this small taste ,courtesy of the magazine of the V and A.

Post 274 has more pictures 

Shoes of your dreams are inAbundance.

Everything is so exquisitely made and presented so perfectly ,that it hurts ! It's almost disbelief that these creations are real .
 There is a hologram of  Kate Moss which is beyond words.take all your friends ,your children ,your family ,the man next door ,EVERYONE should experience this SAVAGE BEAUTY and the craftsmanship of these ethereal pieces , I could become very boring ! What a divine legacy this man has left for us.
I know what my dreams will entail this evening ,how fortunate am I .

Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Melange Et Moi: 279. Spittlefields London-Save Norton Folgate camp...

A Melange Et Moi: 279. Spittlefields London-Save Norton Folgate camp...: Last week I had the pleasure of attending another candlelit evening at the Dennis Severs House in 18 Folgate street Spittlefields.i It was a...

279. Spittlefields London-Save Norton Folgate campaign........

Last week I had the pleasure of attending another candlelit evening at the Dennis Severs House in 18 Folgate street Spittlefields.i It was a fund raising event to update the community on the progress of the campaign.
British Land is planning to further demolish this historic and ancient part of London by errecting an inappropriate high rise building!
 Letters of objection may be addressed to Tower Hamlets.

Post 252 will give you an idea of the area which was home to the Huguenots and has an amazing collection of fine Georgian buildings.
Further fascinating information can be read in
Spittlefields Life ,a blog by The Gentle Author,I thoroughly recommend it to you.
And in stark contrast I now jump across the channel to Paris where 10 days ago I was feasting my eyes on other ancient buildings and thoroughly modern ones too.

The new Louis Vuitton Fondation is housed in an amazing building by Frank Gehry in the Bois de Boulogne.If you can, visit late afternoon so that you can enjoy dinner there following a tour of the building and art collection and then be amazed by the beauty of the illuminated structure by night. The surrounding water gives an extra quality  and added another dimension of sound.I was fortunate enough to see hear a classical concert in the auditorium too which was magical.
Many people have given many names to the building but I will let you make up your own mind.I loved it.

Art ,in the form or painting or architecture or design forms part of our daily round and we perhaps enjoy some aspects more than others,but few women don't like to enjoy it in the form of jewelry!

 So here is some of the work of an American jewelry designer in Paris.
John Agee is to be found in his boutique in Rue Jacob just along the street from where I used to live .
His designs are collected all around the world and I recommend that you see his blog for more exciting information .
 He is great fun and we always have a good time when I'm in Paris .
Johns boutique is just along from Laduree  so after your coffee and macaron you can enjoy choosing a unique piece of beauitful jewelry.
Paris and Picasso are a perfect and powerful combination , even though the collection of his work in Antibes is I think more diverse ,I had the great enjoyment of visiting the newly refurbished chateau housing his permanent collection in Paris and afterwards enjoyed lunch on the roof in the sunshine ,bliss !
Here are just a few exhibits which will suffice until you are able to visit  and enjoy.
Picasso has quite a way with women !

The sun was really strong that day but happily the Montblanc didn't melt !
From the delights of Paris one day I took a train to 
The Chateau of Fontainbleau 
to gaze upon the home of Kings of France and Popes.
 After the Spring holiday for schools it was peaceful and perfect for my visit and although the gardens were not in bloom it was a joy to have the state rooms almost to myself.
I include a few items for you to peruse.

Napoleons belt buckle
Wedding attire of Napoleon

More children of Mongolia and their wonderful clothes and smiling faces.

 To purchase Mongolian cashmere just click on my picture at the top right of the blog! And it will take you to the collection of Semka. I love my new taupe coloured huge scarf .

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 Fay xxx