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Sunday, May 1, 2011

193 Maypole dancing....

  I remember having flowers in my hair and dancing with ribbons around the Maypole  ! Did you ?


  1. yes, i did that too! :o)

    thank you for reviving the magical memories with this enchanting series of photographs

    and wishing you a very happy, blossomy, ribbon-decorated month of May

    love and warmest hugs xxx


  2. FAY DEAREST!!! We never do this in the U.S.A.; I think this is purely European. But let me tell you, I would jump in in a HOT MINUTE to dance around the Maypole with YOU DEAR, DEAR FRIENDS.....Today it is windy, cold and reminiscent of WINTER! We are getting there, but we are so behind the rest of the NORTHERN HEMISPHERE!!!

    So love all the ribbons, what pagentry dearest. We so love your spirit of celebration out there in England...Grosses bises ma chère et CHIC amie. Anita

  3. Oh how wonderful!! extraordinary!..It must be one of my earliest memories, since I remember that when I was preschool, 1961, our country became a Republic and left the Commonwealth.In celebration of this, the children danced around maypoles with ribbons echoing the colors of our country flag.
    thank you so much for sharing these lovely images and memories Col x ~ Afrique du Sud

  4. not an Australian custom but growing up in Europe.. yes, I remember.Thanks

  5. I may be older than the first commentor because I can remember doing that in elementary school in Orlando, Florida. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. lovely photographs! a charming rite, I didn't get to do this-though I have heard my Mother speak about May poles and queens and courts. If it stems from any paganisms that must be why it is not politically incorrect- though I don't know that it is! pgt