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Friday, January 28, 2011

143 Woolly hats depress me

 its seems that Ive spent my life in hats
a serious Scorpio sprite !in matching ruched costume
I never liked the snow

trying to scamper off somewhere no doubt
my bonnets were always Organdy or embroidered !!!

  mmmmm not very ladylike...

with a Burgundy velvet trim !

Father always sang Charles Trenet so I obviously got the French bug very early

Picture hats were all the rage

Pink Angora and burgundy jump suit !

  The May Queen with bluebird wings

  Student nurse

                                                  black velvet John Lennon hat !

Cloaks and hoods
wet look
with matching boots !
                                                               not sure

  with matching muff

   made by David Shilling

Amberly castle with Ralph Lauren

  the other one is in a New York Museum

Photographic magazine

made it myself for a wedding in the chateau!

I miss wearing hats  but it doesn't look as if its going to change anytime soon !
I cant find the rest of them ......