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Friday, May 27, 2011

203 Pieces of Paris Party at Castles Crowns and Cottages.

Edith Piaf

I believe my earliest memories of Paris  were of my father singing whilst he was shaving and making the strongest coffee on earth!When I was a young child, tea was still very much the drink of choice and I can clearly recall the intoxicating aroma of exotic coffee,which he produced in an old French coffee pot.He would sing La Mer by Charles Trenet and all the songs of Edith Piaf.He had spent considerable time in the south of France but these Chansons de Paris  had made a great impression upon him and consequently me too.
My other  childhood memory is of my piano lessons  and the wonderful melodies of Frederic Chopin. My mother who had also played Chopin would tell me how George Sand would take him bunches of Violets  when he played in the Salons de Paris and the soirees in Avenue Frochot near Pigalle. This was immediately etched on my brain !I have never lost my love for any of these people or placesand visiting them is always a MUST for me.

Georges Sand

And then the teenage years,learning French,visiting Paris and swooning to Francoise Hardy!
The works of Zola,Flaubert,Baudelaire,Balzac and Moliere   hypnotised me  .

Emile Zola
Little did I know that in later years Rene Baudelaire his great nephew was to become a great friend of mine for many years.He too is a writer and has chronicled the history of Chansons.

When I visit Paris,which is usually a couple of times each year at least,I always attend the Comedie Francaise and a few plays. When I was living there you can imagine I was in 7th heaven.

The Comedie Francaise




Of course it goes without saying that the Sun king ,Marie Antoinette and Laduree always featured on my trips  ,after all laduree has been around since the early 1830s but not as commecial as it has now become .

I lived just 6 doors along Rue Bonaparte  ,so you can imagine that I was a daily visitor  until Pierre Hardy became the new kid on the block,and what a revelation  was that !!

Pierre Herme

 Marie Antoinette


 I started reading Proust quite early but it was several years later that I read his complete works ,and my plan is to read them in French before I die !

 And then I developed a passion for several artists associated with Paris!  so you can see that when I'm in Paris I'm so busy sipping coffee , gazing upon architecture,visiting the studios,cafes which they frequented,cemeteries where they lay,and restaurants and libraries where they debated and philosophised that I always run out of time !I NEVER tire of Paris and all its wonderful revelations.


Camille Claudel

Madame Recammier

Manet was a great friend of Baudelaire and also produced SHOCKING art !

Emilie du Chatelet


there isnt a piece of paris which doesnt have memories of any of these amazing people and visiting them is always a delight

May was English !

Toulouse Lautrec

Van Gogh
Sadly so many of these artists and writers had such a hard  life and they wrote about and painted the life which surrounded them.Sometimes its very difficult to imagine how shocking their  existances were.

The Mazarine Library at the Acadamie Francaise has to be seen inside to be believed.

The books are so precious,that its mind boggling to handle them.


Palais Garnier

I was fortunate enough to have met Nureyev on several occasions in both London and Paris  but this time was a very special one .

 A private fashion show for Thierry Mugler and Chloe at the Grande Hotel with Europanche ( BOB PRESTON ) was a pretty special experience too.

 Of course dear Oscar Wilde spent his last days in a hotel in Paris too  so I have to go there and soak up the atmosphere as often as possible.

Oscar Wilde
So as well as all the places associated with my favourite people and only a few have I mentioned , I spend quite a time eating delicious food in many different places and walking by the homes where Baudelaire stayed  ( and there are many !)Naturally I also have to have my shoe fix at Louboutin and Rick Owens of course.
A scrumptious meal can by taken by the side of the Canal St Martin on a hot day  too.....
Baudelaire lived on Quai Voltaire,rue du Seine,Place Vendome.,rue de lille ,Hotel Lauzon quai dAnjou,rue de L universitie,Rue du Bac, Rue Saint Andre des Arts etc etc etc !!! so this keeps me busy.

Hotel lauzun

Guy Martin

 Dining at the Crystal room is de rigueur !

and generally swanning around Paris is such fun !
The Palais Royal

Christian Louboutin

Georges  V  hotel


Vaux le Vicomte


 St Sulplice 

Tour St Jacques

Rick Owens spring 2011

L Arc de Triomphe

Sunday market   rue de Cherche Midi

Place de la Concorde         (Guillotine !)
my shelves are full of Astier de Villatte

I also lived in Rue de Cherche Midi in St Germaine des Pres

Conciergerie ..........  prison of Marie Antointette


Senate    les jardins de Luxembourg

and so dear  Anita    Im off to dream now  Ive walked quite a way! and will look forward to seeing you and all your chums at the Party tomorrow
   Love Fay xx