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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

257 Is it nice to be in Nice .....?

   Its only 20 minutes on the bus but of course there are others ways to travel ..

 The bus stops are very tall.....

  Unfortunately directly behind the main squares it s quite a different story in Old Nice.........

It must have been so elegant in the 19th century and not surprising that Queen Victoria visited often in the winter months.
Birthplace of Garibaldi

and then back out into the sun !

and just enough time for something sweet before the return bus to Beaulieu sur mer.
 The next trip to Old Menton,  another place which has changed beyond recognition .
 Sweet dreams 
a presto x

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

256 Only 3200 Tigers left in the wild- please sign this petition...........

Today I watched a VERY moving programme and I do hope that you will feel able to sign the petition,and read the two web sites.
Please copy and  forward this email to your friends, family and colleagues

I’ve just spent a few seconds signing up to a vital petition that will help
save the last 3,200 wild tigers on earth. Will you help the cause by
doing the same?

When I first heard that there are only 3,200 wild tigers left, I was
totally shocked. To put it in perspective, it means that all the wild
tigers left on earth could all fit on just one soccer pitch. Added to
this, we are losing them to poachers at a rate that means they will become
extinct within a very few years.

The TigerTime campaign team need your help to save them.

The Chinese trade in tiger parts is one of the most serious threats to the
wild tiger. The Chinese government says that it is committed to saving
the wild tiger. However, it is continuing to allow the trade in tiger
parts and skins from tigers bred in so called ‘tiger farms’. We think that
the practice of ‘farming tigers’ is barbaric and should be stopped.
Additionally, this trade is the perfect smokescreen for the continued
poaching of wild tigers.

Please, urge others to sign our petition at and pass
this request on to as many people as they can by forwarding this email.
China is a powerful country so we need as many signatures as possible to
make them listen.

Very Kind regards

TigerTime Team

 and now onto the wilds of Provence......

Beaulieu sur mer number 4 in August

to meet Coco the Parisian pussycat belonging to my friends.
 where perfect pink houses abound and remind me of my hospital in the 1980s.

 rather too full of cakes !!

The duck was delicious and the locals are friendly.Almost literally I bumped into Michael Winner just before his nuptuals !
A park of ancient Olive trees in which  to rest and read

 and a collection of fine nauticals from which to choose,

 not bad for a small town!

so I decided on this one !
  Next day I took a local bus to St Paul de Vence...

 I climbed to the top of the battlements....

to find a maze of circular winding streets and alleys.It seemed quieter than my last visit so that pleased me.
Intriguing doors
roads without end
and curious windows ,all melt into a melange of architectural styles which is forever fascinating to me.
 Naturally I had  made a reservation for lunch at my favourite restaurant and I wasnt disappointed.

 The fish was SO succulent  mmmmmm...
and the colours were amazing.

 Who could resist a tarte tatin??

Lots of passion

Ancient walls  hold so many stories...

 Its so nice to find small shops selling local produce instead of the streets of gift shops all peddling the same items

So ,that was a taste of Beaulieu sur mer and 
St Paul de Vence and tomorrow I hope that you will join me for a trip to Nice and old Menton.
In the meantime would you like to taste this with me ? its my 1st birthday in blogland,and I would like to thank all my loyal friends and sometime readers and all my new followers,it has been great fun getting to know so many of you in the far flung corners of the world as well as "locals "Thankyou for all your kind and sweet words in your comments and emails ,I really appreciate them. 
So sweet dreams to all of you  and especially Merlin xxx