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Sunday, January 15, 2012

273 "Question everything " is always a good maxim ,I think.......

I'm sure that you are familiar with
The Mountains of the moon

The Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia

The Rocky Mountains

Saint Remy Mountains  by Vincent Van Gogh

The Cumbrian Mountains of the Lake district  by JMW Turner

Mont Blanc

Just testing !!.....
Mont Blanc

Two bites are better than one !!

BUT   what about these Mountains ?

by Fillipo Lippi   ,who was born and lived 10minutes walk from here

The Virgin of the Rocks  by Leonardo da Vinci

Madonna dei Fusi by Leonardo da Vinci
Madonna of the carnation  by Leonardo

          and La Giconda by Leonardo da Vinci.

   Everyone I asked didnt seem to know ,but happily I was able to locate the Video from the Alan Yentob series for the BBC .
It is  in episode 3 that all the latest information is revealed  .
Its astonishing -
and THE BRIDGE ( to the right of her shoulder.)
   Click on the link to watch the whole programme.

Leonardo Da Vinci - Episode 03: The Secret Life of the Mona Lisa ...

  So , I'm happy to say that my wish came true last week, as very kind friends took me to the region in Tuscany known as Casentino  where the " mountains " and the 13th century bridge are found .

I was beside myself with excitement as this panoramic view has always be thought to be the imagination of Leonardo and not a physical place - so touching the bridge felt rather magical !
 The Calanchi are found about one hour away from Florence and the area where the  bridge is located at Buriano was very important strategically for the Romans ,and  it was built in 1277.
As it was mid January the trees were bare and gave a very clear view  of everything.

 It isnt a tourist area so we had the place to ourselves

The last of the Kaki fruit   - my favourite ( Persimon )

and on to the Ponte Buriano......

 Nothing  seems to have changed since Leonardo was here ! and then on to Poppi........
and yes, I did climb to the top of the bell tower for a fabulous view.
 The town of Poppi......

 still lunch time so deserted streets

 20,000 men came to the battle from Florence ......
 The Dukes library was very impressive  throughout many rooms.
 I particularly like the Venetian style windows and the delicate shades are VERY pretty, the same as the Bargello in Florence .

The chapel by a friend of Giotto

It had been a most enjoyable day.

   The next day I went along to Via della Stufa in Florence  just opposite the Church of San Lorenzo ,where the Medici are buried in tombs carved in marble by Michelangelo- to soak up the atmosphere . 
 Sadly no marked places as to the residence of Lisa Gherardini  wife of  Francesco del Giocondo !

was it this house or

or this one ?

Did Leonardo walk down this street ?

To San Lorenzo

   I MUST find out which house ! 
 I do hope that you will watch the video its absolutely fascinating .

   sweet dreams Merlin