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Monday, January 23, 2012

274 " A Melange "of the past week

 It seems to have been all feathers and wings ,one way and another.

It started with a beautiful gift of
Alexander McQueen's book " Savage Beauty "  which seems to sum up the week  very well .

There is always the other side  to something beautiful is there not ! 
but its important to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative in every situation -NOT always an easy task !
Exquisite  antique feathers of every hue....

I have an addition to black coats and jackets

 and this is a photograph of my 18th century silk, temple dancers skirt ,
which Alexander McQueen bought  !
the embroidery is unbelievable.
 and quick on the heels of that,
I received the work of an English artist -
  Paul Hodges who I know you will be intrigued to discover ,that he was Artist in Residence at Highclere castle (Downton Abbey ).

Artist in Residence, Harewood House, Leeds

Artist in Residence, Raleigh International Expedition, Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia

Artist in Residence, Simon Langton School, Canterbury

Artist in Residence, Highclere Castle, Newbury

Artist in Residence, Centro di Ecologia Alpina, Trento, Italy

Being very fond of feathers myself and also of wings .....
  Ive had a family of Bumble bees visiting me all week to chat with the Cyclamen,amazing that its only January !
and yesterday I was taking a walk around the gardens of the Four Seasons Hotel in Florence its was almost La Primavera !

At last Ive found a large piece of sculpture for a chum  !

OK ,not for a few weeks yet .

Brunch was a feast  but I wasn't in a hurry so lots of SMALL  courses .... ( PS this was Christmas gift )

my usual table ....

just looking

a touch of Risotto and a mini Lasagna.....

WHO could resist a spot of Maple Syrup !

my first strudel in years

it was all SO light

and I didnt eat another thing all day !
and then a brisk walk home for a cup of white tea.

This started my mind wandering again - do you remember this quintessentially English contraption?    THE TEAS MADE !
Ive never used one  but Ive been tempted to put  "George  "next to my bed !Nespresso i.e.   just in case you were wondering.





21st century

 In the 1950s and 1960s in England, tea was very much the drink of choice -the" Expresso "bars were just appearing as I was in my teenage years !  and fashions were changing DRAMATICALLY too.


and OF course The Shrimp in 1963 and still looking great....

LONDON                Jean Shrimpton

 and then this arrived from a friend in London this week  - this lady is the wife of Christopher Lee

( DRACULA ) and was my neighbour in Chelsea. She always looked fabulous morning noon and night !
Its enough to make one leap on the table and celebrate the week !!

  enjoy yours too

 Thank you sweet Merlin xxx


  1. pense que noel dure trop longhtemps pour toi ma chere!!!!tant de faux absolument que nous"bruchions" ensemble un de ces jours al Four Season...bises a jeudi cinema!!!

  2. Absolutely stunning! I, too, adore feathers and Alexander McQueen. I was lucky enough to go to the Savage Beauty exhibit in NYC last May. It was wonderful and I purchased the book that is amazing as well.
    Your brunch {especially the desserts} looks delicious!!
    Wishing you a lovely week, mon ami! xoxo, B

  3. Those blue vanda orchids are stunning- and one of my favorite flowers. As a matter of fact, I carried a petite bouquet of vandas for my daughter's wedding.

    And that blooming rose- magic in January!

    P.S. That food looks amazing. I'm drooling.

  4. Oh dearest, this is exquisite. I just got home from work and rushed on over to Blogland where I knew I would find some fun and treasures. THAT DRESS at the beginning of the post, the black one with the short boots....THAT IS ME!!!!!!

    I am so loving your links that you are sending me to view. I must put together a post in the next week using these. THANK YOU and BONNE NUIT! Anita

  5. Fay you have cheered me up...have had a horrid stomach virus...
    had to rush over the food photos as my diet is soup only!!!!

    Never had a 'tea's made' but remember them being the rage MMMMM

    Would love to know the history of the divine skirt sold to AM.

    Looking forward to sharing more of your thoughts....

    Love,laughter & chums.......Ida xx

  6. Hello dear Fay, gosh this post was like reading a lovely magazine, full to the brim of all things lovely and gorgeous. thank you! thank you for always visiting my blog, so much appreciated! have a wonderfull week, whatever you have planned...Colette x

  7. Hello,

    Al that food, that looks delicious! now I'm hungry :(
    Thanks for the tip whit the rice on your last comment, mayby, I make it to night.


  8. Chere Fay, where to begin?!! This is all such a feast! (a bit of drooling here with the yummies!!)
    From Alexander McQueen and the skirt, to the gorgeous you in the garden, to that amazingly original artist, a lot to take in, my friend! Inspirational!!
    Thank you for this glorious post...
    So that stunning woman was your neighbor?? What serendipity...I am working on my next post which features this book!
    Enjoy the rest of the week sweet Fay,
    - Irina ( Oh, I can so see Anita in that outfit she loves:))))

  9. The exhibit was phenominal! I do hope you are able to see it.
    Although I do like to bake, I did not bake those scrumptious treats. Over the weekend I purchased the cookie cutters for the "I'm falling for you" cookies and look forward to baking them this weekend. xoxo, B

  10. What a gorgeous post, Fay, full of beauty and information. Brunch is my favorite - such and indulgence - and yours looks delicious. Wishing I had some of the pancakes with fresh maple syrup right now!!

  11. That book looks fabulous! And all that food you've been eating is just making my mouth water! Hope your week is wonderful so far dear! xx -Taj