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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

275 ....The last time I saw Paris.....

.....was   November 2011 and my next visit will  be in May 2012   soooooo long .

As always it was " a melange "of  wonderful things to see and enjoy.

A visit to Aurelian Delouze  is essential 

and it was also the Bastille Antiques fair ,full of enchanting objects.

  all the usual culprits !!!

 My new 18th century lampbase with an 18th century document as shade
more 18th century treasures   chez Aurelien.....

enjoying every moment of history and every stitch
painted onto paper - exceptionally rare

my favourite blue

fascinating workmanship
a rather more modern French design!!!
the pockets are lined with white kid and the roses are embroidered perfectly-   HEAVEN pour moi !

 a little dolci !
and always time for coffee.

  and wonderful shapes to enjoy.

 this sweet 1930 table was a birthday gift
and this rock crystal  chandelier was made by Alexandre Vossion

one of my passions........

the Marquise dEpigny (1792)and his wife  came to live safely  with me and added to my collection of miniatures

its always possible to find lalique.

who cares if it rains ?

19th century kitchenalia  to display some of my rings
friends at home
back at home and settled in .

Paris in November is beautiful


something for a gruffalo???

a new Rick Owens jacket !!   beyond my control !

Art is everywhere
Preparing to fly

Vivienne and Merlin

for Merlin xxx
and so, my blog friends and readers-  the time has come to talk of many things

I am leaving the blogosphere

and I'm going to write a book

THANK YOU for all your kind words
and 4 lovely Blog Awards
its been a year full of fun

You have my email 
  I would love to hear from you


  1. Oh dear Fay, I will miss you...while reading this post I was sitting on the edge of my chair enjoying each image and place you shared in them, and thinking...I HAVE to get to PARIS!! SOON!! and then the it was goodbye...
    I wish you the very best with your book, and appreciated all your visits to my blog. Go and be good to yourself dear Fay...hugs and XXX Colette~Afrique du Sud

  2. You will be missed dear Fay! But how exciting the journey of writing a book! One of my aspirations as well is to write a book someday! I wish you all the best and I hope you will return one day and let us know how it all pans out! Please keep in touch and be blessed my friend! xx -Taj

  3. Awww...don't go..not yet...I've just returned, and hopefully, so will you....You have a certain style that is yours will be missed...k

  4. Wonderful post, my very favorite shop.Your pictures make me feel like I was there! They say everyone has at least one book in them...I suspect you have a whole series! Best of luck! Trish

  5. Fay...Can we beg you enough to stay? I look forward to your posts as I live vicariously. Please be sure to let us all know when your book is published. Best will be sorely missed!


  6. FAY!I just got here because I have been at work all day long...I will come via email. Anita

    1. I just got here too and was loving your post and BAM! I can't blame you, though.

      I wish you all the best with your book and will be there to buy it! I'll miss you and your posts- they always made me smile.

  7. What a bad news please stay a bit more anyway best wishes and good luck for the book

  8. No no no, will now have to keep in touch via email, but I will so miss your view of the world.

  9. Hello my sweetheart! How are you doing?

    You know this king of post just "kills" me, right? Ohhhh...Paris! Ohhh, pastries and Illy! :-) I can believe this is it, though.. going to write you an emial... I'm a bit sad I must say. :-(


    Luciane at

  10. I was thoroughly enjoying this eye feast..............until I came to the sad news that you were leaving the blogsphere. I'm pleased for you but sad for your followers, of which I am one. I hope you can occasionally drop by my blog to say hello and also let me know when your book is available. Enjoy Paris in the Springtime. Bonne chance.

  11. P.S. 1. Can't find your email address - can you help me out here please?

    2. Apologies for not visiting sooner - I've been away from the blogsphere.

  12. Dearest Fay....not really is too short to put our
    dreams on hold....gel after my own heart when I saw your words
    'I am going to write a book' positive action wins the day.

    I shall be the first in the queue on your book signing day....

    Have enjoyed strolling through the last year with your blog.

    Thank you for all the interesting facts/photos..

    Love you for your go gel attitude + the smile!

    Warm hugs xxxxxx Ida

    1. Chere Fay!! I was just getting to know ya!!! But really, I will MISS YOU!!!!
      The best of everything to you in your exciting endeavors...and please, I would so love to purchase your book when it comes out! I will certainly ask dear Anita for your e-mail..
      A fabulous Parisian post this is..had me exclaiming "OH" at each image!
      - Irina

  13. I miss you so much. I always looked forward to seeing your lovely blog. It is so diversified.
    You have had an interesting life, I have explored as much as I can of it. Needless to say, you are most interesting. I can't wait for the book. I cannot seem to find your e-mail, would apprediate it very much.

  14. Sad news for us but good news for you. A book, that's a wonderful project! Let us khow when it comes out. Regards, AnnaLivia

  15. Ohhhh ! I was visiting your blog often, then I went away... je retourne et tu t'en vas ! J'aimais le regard que tu portais sur la beauté de ce monde. Bonne chance dans la rédaction de ton livre.


  16. Oh no, we will miss your blog terribly. xxx

  17. I have so enjoyed your blog - such beautiful pictures and adventures! I hope it will stay posted so one can revisit. At the same time, I am DELIGHTED to learn that you are writing a book - I can't wait to read it! All the best, nozknoz

  18. I JUST FOUND YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU are so me in many ways!I lived in FIRENZE TOO in the early 90's!Please let me know when the book gets published!!!I have a small shop in California you may get a kick out of! nickname is LA CONTESSA.
    I will forward your blog to a few who will adore!!!!!!!!!Ciao Bella.........elizabeth

  19. I just found this blog as well! So sad to read my first post and it is your last! But, I have two years worth to catch up with - thank you for creating this. Best of luck with your book. Donna Washburn

  20. This makes me so sad! Please stop by and give me your email. xoxo, B

  21. wow I love the photos! The wig is so intriguing! and I love old perfume bottles! Inspires me! Hope you are having a fabulous new year so far my dear friend! xx -Taj